Issue 1 - March 2016

March 2016

Start early - Respectful relationships for life
The wait is over – Start Early – Respectful relationships for life is launching Thursday 31st of March, 2016. The program is all about starting early to prevent domestic and family violence by increasing children’s capacity for respectful relationships. Start Early is a professional development package of three free online modules, aimed at educators who wish to explore how everyday behaviours and attitudes shape a child’s lifelong relationships. Start Early is part of a long-term strategy to prevent family and domestic violence. The program has been developed by ECA and is supported by the New South Wales Government. Learn more about our three free online modules below.
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Module 1: Respectful relations

Educators play an important role in nurturing respectful relationships. This first module is all about aiding educators to support children to learn and develop skills in order to develop positive relationships. Developed by Carmel Richardson, it discusses the pedagogy of listening, how to support children and how to see the playground as a microcosm of the world.

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Module 2: Gender, Respect and Identity

How does a young child’s emerging understanding of identity and gender play a role in shaping respectful relationships for life?
Developed by Pam Linke, this module will help educators better understand the link between identity and gender and the negative impacts of gender stereotyping, and will aim to help educators develop strategies for increasing gender awareness practices in early childhood settings.

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Module 3: Father Inclusive Practice

Professor Richard Fletcher guides this module about understanding the benefits of father’s involvement for young children’s long term wellbeing. From contributing to a child’s cognitive, emotional and social development, to exploring strategies that encourage the participation of fathers within educational services, this module will help educators encourage more participation of fathers within their services.

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The Start Early team is pleased to announce that the new Start Early website is now live. By following this link, you can register to complete our modules, read our blog, and access information and resources gathered from leading Australian bodies about encouraging respectful relationships.

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Start early - Respectful relationships for life
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