June 2016

June 2016


Child’s play and family violence

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What does play have to do with domestic and family violence? A new interactive webcast scheduled for 28 June explores how children’s play provides opportunities for the observant educator to support children in managing relationships and conflicts.

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You’re invited

You may have seen the wonderful Wendy Shepherd from Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre in our free Start Early module, Respectful Relations. Today, we’re writing to invite you to attend her ECA Learning Hub webinar, What does play have to do with family and domestic violence?

When: Tuesday 28th June, 2pm.

Where: Online – anywhere you’d like!

Cost: $38.50

We support children to manage relationships and conflicts every day. When we engage with children during these moments or events we can help embed respectful attitudes towards others, laying the foundations for future relationship building.

This webinar discusses how educators can intervene and critically reflect with children about their behaviour. It also looks at how to discuss ethics, empathy and respect with young children.

Click here to register now for this not-to-be-missed webinar.

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New on the Start Early blog

On our latest blog, Dr Justin Coulson thinks you cannot start too early to understand respect for others and develop skills for respectful relationships. He is a psychologist, parenting expert and media commentator, however, it was as a father of six daughters that he was musing on teaching respect for women and how old is old enough to understand, ‘Stop it’.

Click here to continue reading ‘With Respect to Respect’

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Other Resources

Self-regulation development: strategies for working with children and parents is a recorded webinar by researcher Dr Kate William that explores how to aid children in learning to control their own behaviour, emotions and thoughts in beneficial ways . Educators (and parents) can play an important role in helping children to develop better self-regulation skills.

Play and Quality in Early Childhood: Educating Superheroes and Fairy Princesses by Dr. C. Glenn Cupit is a ECA publication available in print and as an e-book that looks at pay and quality in early childhood including topics such as: Educating superheroes and fairy princesses looks at the transition in child’s play from generations, the impact of media and technologies, children’s imagination, general advice, safety and the pros and cons of superhero and fairy play.

The role of fathers in children’s early learning by Richard Fletcher, a ECA publication available in print and as an e-book that expands on understanding how fathers’ interactions can boost a child’s learning is an important task for everyone involved in early education.

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